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Want the analysis of better stock?

Tools to learn finance and stock market?

Don’t take much pressure of anything while investing single penny because "it's not the stock you buy but it's the money and time you invest".

Firstly, If you want to be expert in financial market then assume that it will take time, it’s not that easy. It's process of learning every single from fall and rise to sector to time to external factors.

I recommend you to grow skill better in initial phase, after having little good experience then read articles. You can try virtual trading offered by few companies meanwhile. If you read newspaper like The Financial Times, The Economics then good otherwise read articles from Investopedia, or other you better know and subscribe to their newsletter.

Don't Forget:

Don’t forget to read articles of every single day at least 300-500 pages minimum to 1000-1200 pages.

It will clarify you about the term, market updates, past market condition of finance.

Buy the investment which is helpful in term of business and do lots of market research.

Second, Learn from experience of great people and their books like:

  • 1) The Intelligent Investor

  • 2) The Security Analysis

  • 3) The Essay of Warren Buffet etc at least, it will blow your mind

  • Understanding of graph and analysis everyday.

For analysis I prefer Graph.

Take any company history or share, draw a graph and watch it continuously again and again. The moment you realize that you are able to connect the next dot, you have already learned many thing.

Remember, Don’t be so Quick in life otherwise may be you fall and lose your face.

I bet after very short time of period and after hard work you will achieve as much that most fool educated don’t get in many years.

To be better in financial Investment

Just keep in mind if you want to be nice at it, only two things:

  1. Better in Calculations,

  2. Good with people,

Remember, Don’t think as evil.

Money is not everything.

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Source: Ankit Kumar (Q&T)


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