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The story of a monkey and lion in the modern jungle. Geopolitics.

There was a time when human capabilities were skyrocketing. Consciousness was degrading.

In an ordinary circus. They announced a battle between a lion and a monkey.

It seems like a story in the beginning but with the effort of other circuses master and house of power, it turned out to be a thrilling and actual battle.

Choices and Alternatives:

Lion and monkey both were thrown in the perimeter.

The battle begins.

The lion was confident but the monkey since 'Crowned as Human Ancestors' has to be something. So the monkey put all the action to thrill the audience. The audience really liked their ancestors and started cheering.

This frustrated lion.

Lion used his power to turn the game. Since monkey represented human so in return, human has to act like a human and do some favor. The human started pinching the lion from outside the perimeter. The audience could do whatever because the whole set was organized for human entertainment intentionally.

The lion was pinched by the outside audience and started getting uncomfortable. Which leads his power into weakness.

The monkey couldn't find a better opportunity than this.

Monkey started scratching, mimicking, and using their tail to tease the lion.

How hard the monkey would try he was unable to checkmate the lion. This made the monkey nervous.

Power and Misunderstanding:

Lion attacks, defend but the audience would pinch anywhere and make the lion uncomfortable. Maybe the audience would like weaker to steal the show.

The battle between monkey and lion becomes repetitive and with no tail end.

How hard a monkey tries with help of the audience but due to lack of ionization potential couldn't beat the lion.

The audience proudly announces’ what a brave monkey, what a brave monkey’! The monkey is mortal now. Monkey felt honored.

The monkey with full thrust started attacking the lion but low ionization potential could not let the monkey win.

With the repetitive attack, defense, and action; the audience started losing interest in the battle and started dispersing.

This leads circuses masters to worry. Soon to find another battle and enchantment to retain their audience.

Lion couldn't leave the battlefield because the monkey had already crossed the limit now.
The monkey couldn't leave because the monkey had no other option and since the monkey proudly represented humans so it would hurt the monkey's ego.

Monkey after hours of the fight had learned various defense techniques from the lion. So it becomes challenging for a moment for the lion to checkmate.

The battle continued with no tail end until the audience was on the battleground.

Circus masters had already laid plans to sell tickets for another battle set. Kept searching for the next lion and monkey.

Monkey and lion could still not keep their ego aside. Bloodshed continued.

Audience and Participants:

But the scenario is;

There are tons of monkeys and lions in this jungle.

Either they all stay by ethics and guidance or do bloodshed. Before you let other circuses masters control your game.

Human technological advancement was utilized well in the show and the ground was really lit for a moment.

Innovators were cursing for what they have created. Conspirators were celebrating what they had got a hand on.

Who knows you might end up on the same ground someday.

Here are your findings from this battle:

  • How are you different from other tons of monkeys and lions?

  • How is your circus going to survive and thrive?

  • Why actually did you enter the battleground? Did you still remember?

  • Where is all the audience now? Still, cheering you up or watching another battle?

Now What?

Learn the perspective not what you think is right, should be right, or what others think is right.

Your truth is your experience.

In every heart of joy there lies evil. Stop feeding.

The battle was not required or asked for. The loss which never was paid.


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