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Service Agreement

The terms and conditions are the foundation of Loveonn Innovation to carry out operation, business and guidelines for you.

These details will cover business policy, services policy, monetary policy and an agreement. The terms and conditions you would comply with during services. 


The terms and conditions are subject to change with and without notice in order to bring value for the company and clients. The terms and conditions or any potential changes in services will be on a website, or via email or communicated via any standard medium of communication.


Priority to clients, partners and contractors:

Terms and guidelines are made in order to maximize the profit of clients with ensuring privacy and protecting clients from unnecessary events.

In this venture, offering higher and excellent value to clients is our priority.

Consent and execution:

Clients consent and execution permission might be during the service agreement to carry out projects or any development.

Which shall include the following:

  • Services overview,

  • Digital marketing structure or strategies,

  • Advertising layout or theme,

  • Technology used in development,

  • Analytics and data,

  • Resources used in projects like texts, images, design, format, copyrighted information, and other resources.

Clients will be required to review the information, discuss if required and approve or reject the team to proceed further in written communication using standard communication tools used during business. 

Clients will be required to pay for additional services for the hours, projects error, or project delay made by clients itself. 


Standard medium:

Clients shall be liable to use standard mode of communication, data sharing or mode of exchange during business agreement, without using any prohibited mode for the work which might potentially affect the privacy, confidentiality or business goals.


Clients must use approved email using registered email, Google Hangouts for communication, Google Meets for meetings for work and project related communication.

WhatsApp and email for general service related queries including charges, terms, negotiation, changes of services and other than project work.


Additional resources:

Clients, if approved to use additional resources or tools other than what offered from Loveonnor third-party, shall pay for the additional charges as per standard rate.

Additional resources shall be used on consent of clients or required for immediate and potential business growth of clients in absence of clients.


Refund and cancellation policy:

  • Complete service charges refund (except additional taxes) will be approved if clients cancel the service within 7 days of payment.

  • Clients must sign up for services by taking proper understanding of their requirement, if any case of not using service refund will not be done.

  • The settlement period is 45 business days for any kind of refund for any services from cancellation time.

  • Clients will be entitled to pay for the charges of services on hourly basis in case service is cancelled or terminated under any circumstances.

  • Cancellation of any services during offer, negotiation from standard pricing, and occasional promotions shall not be done.

  • Renewal of service shall be made as per agreement, cancellation shall be applied only 7 days from renewal date until project initiated. 

  • Refund during renewal of services will not be made if services are started or clients will be required to pay as per hourly basis in case of cancellation. 



Loveonn, employees, contractors and clients, agree that during agreement or after agreement, in any event or ways will not disclose any confidential or non-public information. Confidential information might be strategy of business, operations, potential ideas or technology, pricing strategy, marketing and campaign strategy or any kind of information which is not publicly available.



Loveonn reserves the copyright of projects, work or any kind of development by employee during employment or project delivered to clients. Loveonn owns the rights to projects handled. Clients retain the right to use the technology or strategy developed with, by and from Loveonn during agreement with permission of Loveonn active authority. 

Loveonn retains the lifetime right of all work developed. 


Additional service charges:

Loveonn in any way if participates with clients, partners, or contractors for the services outside the agreement then following charges will apply.

Loveonn services offered based on mutual agreement with clients, partners or contractors. 

Loveonn hourly service charges: $90- $300 per hour.


Clients resources:

Clients agree to share reports, data, and potential information which might be used during services to grow clients business as per agreement. 

Loveonn would utilise any exchanged data to grow clients business, develop new tools, create strategy to benefit partners, and make profit for clients. 

Loveonn agrees to protect and not to misuse clients data in any conditions without mutual understanding or permission to use data additionally. 


Service cost and payment:

Clients agree to pay the standard services charges or negotiated charges for the services as discussed one-time payment, periodic payment, monthly or quarterly payment. 

Clients agree to pay the charges of additional services on a monthly basis for the same months between 1st - 3rd of months or 27th- 29th of month.

Services pricing is made flexible which you can opt anytime based on the requirement of your business.

Services charges for the project will be deducted if strategy, design or foundation of work or project is made by Loveonn.



Loveonn reserves the right to terminate the service or contract under certain circumstances.

Clients are found immoral activity or trade in any way. 

Clients are found manipulating the services or Loveonn resources in any condition or need.  

Clients, if they fail to comply with terms and conditions, will lead to immediate termination of services with or without penalty based on violation or breach.  


Understanding and agreement

The agreement constitutes the sole agreement between Loveonn and clients, partners, and contractors in association with the service and use of services.

Clients, partners and contractors are expected to sign and approve business upon mutual understanding of both parties. 


For any queries related to above information, email us at ''.

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