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5 laws of money management

5 laws of money management which implies same for the age group of 20– 30 years.

  1. Write expenses/ records (Analyse, observe and learn from records for further improvisation in monthly budget. Like understanding needs vs luxury. What’s affordable or expensive)

  2. Save up to 25- 30% in multiple funds (Spend rest on livelihood and other requirements)

  3. Become financially literate (Empower others to learn, to indirectly grow your money as growth of global economy)

  4. Use money to make money (If you are beginners then start with savings of 4–7 years here & use that fund as investment and continuous source of fortune/wealth here)

5. Follow the above 4 rules that’s enough if you are honest and dedicated to make change in your life and money management.

a) Learn 1 thing & apply with heart vs b) learn 10 things and implement nothing in life.

Which approach seems much better ‘a’ or ‘b’?

Share your feedback in comment.

Tip: You can start saving with Rs 100 if you are passionate and dedicated to be financially independent.

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