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Impact of money management & literacy

Why it's crucial today to focus on fundamental of "money management" and encourage the youths and institutions to participate ?

Money management is real problem which indirectly creates lots of issues in ones’ life. In fact inflation has reduced the quality of happiness, sharing and togetherness in our day to day life.

It can be reduced by simple approach and discipline with money.

Here at Samrat Investments we have initiated to share regular money management sessions to schools on primary to higher level, to unprivileged, rural areas, working class individual, professionals and even youth.

Sustainable innovation

By sharing online programs and offline programs on finance education, awareness and utility of resources; by sharing resources and platform.

Currently we are serving in limited areas of India and neighboring nations offline & physically. Online courses is periodic but open to everyone.

Fortunately we are working super super hard, by taking smarter approach and accuracy in research to make it available globally. Because financial and money management problem is global and genuine.

Most people (especially youths) take wrong directions, defrauded, cheated, just to be financially better. You will have to understand, it’s Not Shortcut. Otherwise each of us would be wealthier.

So, what’s the solution?

  • You do not need to be salaried or high earner to become financially independent. If you have Rs. 100 for a day then it’s enough. We have proved it.

  • Be patience and follow smarter strategy to be wealthier and financially free

  • Be practical and aware not only for money but life also

  • Money will not buy life but your peace and ability to manage money

  • Savings can’t make you wealthier but it’s necessary, because you have to start at some point. Know the formula

  • Self-independent and earning for livelihood is good but not making bucks by making anyone stupid, it will chase you one way or another

  • Start early and keep learning. Start here

  • There is lots of ways to be literate about money management & empowering others

Join us in making a happier world and empowering the life. Serve around you.

Money is good but peace and happiness is superior.

So let’s make our life better together and strengthening financial literacy and awareness.

Contribute in anyway you can. Your existence matters and it impacts on life, today and beyond.

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