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Campus Ambassador

Explore, Create and Inspire

​​Experience the freedom to harness your true potential and cognition​;​ to form a valuable community to empower the people around you.

Impactful Journey,

Community brings great opportunity in life, helping exchange diverse innovation and happiness together. From local to global.

Loveonn Campus Ambassadors are passionate to bring transformation in real life. Ambassadors are dedicated towards their mission. While being ethical in their practice and approach to make a difference. Ambassadors are optimistic toward future and sustainable growth.

Loveonn Campus Ambassador is profoundly energetic in nature and brings fresh innovation to form real changes.


As an Loveonn Campus Ambassador, you will work parallel to our experts across your campus to empower youth in the domain of technology, finance, space science and diverse aspects of corporate innovation.

Collaborative innovation around globe

​Connect and put your efforts with like minded people from communities across the globe to bring transformation about real life challenges.  ​​

Harness your potential and network globally

Focus on the subject that really matters with help of global community. Enhance your potential by making a difference and learning from experts.

​Unfold the leadership in diverse domains

​​​ Use your unique capability to lead the initiatives which empower people around you and create a​​ long- term sustainable impact.  

Why to apply

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Nominate you most passionate and eligible colleague to join this program.

How it works

​Working parallel to your experts, innovators and scientists.

We understand you are the 'Knight of your Campus' and you have great 'Passion to Progress' your realm. 

With the resources and guidance you create real differences and empower youth around you using various cool activities and smarter initiatives.

During this process not only you learn and expand but you unlock different opportunities and challenging resources at Loveonn.​​

Rewards of being  

Loveonn Campus Ambassador

  • ​Networking opportunities, relationships with industry experts and diverse communities across the globe,

  • Hands-on experience in different domains say technology, finance, space science and even leadership experience.

  • Join experts and leaders focused events and seminars; and have further opportunities to be part of initiatives personally.

  • Create exceptional projects for the global community and have opportunities to deliver with colleagues and experts to bring real changes.

  1. Certification and showcase for the exceptional work along with digital badge.

  2. Periodic details of internship, learning, certification and full time opportunities.

  3. Ambassador program comes with secondary roles based on ambassadors expertise, which offers a unique opportunity to explore different dimensions.

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Loveonn event and meet up
Event & Meetup
Loveonn seminar
Loveonn ambassadors initiatives.

Upcoming Events

  • Who can apply to the ambassador program?
    ​Any student or professional above 16 years having better understanding of work or enrolled in graduation can apply for the ambassador program here. ​​No matter your academic background, grade or rank is required to apply as long as you are passionate to learn and inspire with your creative approach.
  • Is there any specific period to apply?
    You can apply anytime here. However the program is mostly open for summer and winter sessions. After your registration, you are updated with the right schedule or you are updated with an interview if the program is ongoing. Yes, you can also ask to extend your schedule as per your availability after qualification.
  • Can I insert a video resume?
    Yes, you can share your video resume. We always prefer that. Using subject 'LCA <followed>' like "LCA 2020"; you can share your details at</followed>
  • What's standard requirement to apply?
    ​You must be passionate to learn and committed to the motive i.e. empowering the community. Fundamental understanding of any core subject or skills like design, writing, development etc. You must have basic skills like networking, empathy, supporting others and presentation skills.​​
  • My doubts are neither in FAQs nor on above page?
    Using subject "LCA Query" followed by your questions or doubts; you can draft an email at ''.
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