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Today's best Investments

Student study session- LoveONN

Most of us think- What is the best investment of today or ever?

Well, it's very important to figure out, what actually 'investment' is and what does 'investment' mean to you or specifically to someone.

Investment is something which we experience every moment in our life.

Our return or outcomes depends on how we invest in work, economy, love etc..

So, Investment is simply, what we invest.

(Invest: to put something or anything, with or without purpose).

And, the definition of investment varies with people. Like for someone it's just bunch of wealth or fortune, for someone it can be life or more like this.

  • Nothing is better than education;

Education is ability to meets life's situation.

Life is all about the journey we pursue.

Better education holds purpose, dream or dedication. Which further leads to accomplishments and fulfillment of life itself.

  • Being responsible and honest is one of the higher moral investment;

"Honest is the best policy, don't expect it from cheap people"- Warren Buffet. it's a kind of tough word but still true.

Responsibility during work in not only a profitable investment but also moral booster. The ability in you to run something smoothly and well planned manner.

Financial awareness is better for the growth of economy and wealth management-

Economy is been crucial part of life which we can't ignore. It's not only the requirements but also a source of motivation for someone. Our life is grasped in to it. Whatever we deal or manage with money/ fortune affects our personal life.

In that case, If it lack awareness then it may be fatal to life by different mean.

  • Insurance or mutual funds in excess is kind of liability.

Invest whatever or wherever you want but do it wisely and purposefully. By understanding and knowing that it's a right choice, not by thinking that it will return % periodically, invest on better idea which contribute in creating better society as well as profit for you.

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There is lot of things which is indirect which you will experience while working in market or practical life.

Investment must be done wisely either of fortune or life. "Life is biggest investment and you can't afford to make it bad".

Your outcome of investment is return of your previous choice and decision you make.

Source: Ankit Kumar (Q&T)


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