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Starting a restaurant business

Starting a restaurant business good idea or bad idea.

restaurant business startup- LoveONN

Firstly, it’s unusual to ask question about personal career rather you can listen to opinion only.

Rather you ask how better you can innovate restaurant business.

You already experience in the restaurant, enjoying lots of delicious or boring food. Most of them were successful and most unsuccessful in term of business, quality or customer service.

There are many companies which build large chain of hotels and restaurants.

They all are getting profit or surviving in market then why don’t you will make profit.

It’s just how better you run a business either restaurant or e commerce or tech.

What’s your purpose behind running that business?

It's very necessary to figure out:

  • To make money,

  • To innovate food industry,

  • Passionate about food,

  • For better restaurant experience,

Only that matters.

How a business survives?

To stand in market:

  • How will you survive in market?

  • How will you manage the finance?

  • What is your strategy for quality?

  • What is your priority about customer service?

You will need to get answers of it anyhow.

What can you do initially?

Things to be taken care of:

Focus on better service and better relation with people,

Maintain quality products,

Service delivery on time,

Customer and clients satisfaction.

You can run any business you want, profit is secondary.

Profit generates automatically through chain you connect and service you provide.

Believe in yourself and try to make things better whatever your sector may.

You will boom.

source: Ankit Kumar (Q)


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