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Life, of principle

learning within life-LoveONN

  1. How disciple can be important?

  2. Does it make sense to have few rules in life?

  3. What does freedom means?

  4. Did rules put limitation to our life?

  5. How does values works in life?

There are numerous of such question comes to our mind.

Let's discuss over it to seek some truth or mystery.

  1. Never stop learning.

  2. Don't blame others for your unmet expectations

  3. Do not judge from the apparent abundance you have

  4. Stop Wishing, Start Doing

  5. Break your own records instead of another

  6. No one is perfect, forgive yourself

  7. Try to plant a nice memory every week

  8. Responsibility for all your actions

  9. When you lose, don't lose the lesson

  10. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly

  11. Spend some time alone every day

  12. Be gentle with the earth

  13. Once a year, go someplace you've never been before

  14. Be curious about everything

  15. Take interest in others

  16. Be curious about everything

  17. Stay Healthy

  18. Act with detachment. Act without craving for reward

  19. Forgive the shortcomings of others

  20. Anything excess is harmful

  21. Ultimate reality of life

  22. Don't quit or quit sometimes (like argument)

  23. Don't Compare


  25. I will try to finish what I started

  26. Let it go

  27. Misunderstandings should be cleared up before I get my rage on

  28. Questions make the best discussions

  29. Don't hurt someone faith

  30. Change

  31. Treat others how they want to be treated

  32. Have an open mind

  33. Learn to say NO with confidence

  34. People follow you either because you are attractive or successful

  35. No one is useless in life, everyone has a role to play, even if they don’t know, show them how to be useful

  36. Stay optimistic

  37. Treat others the way you would like to treat yourself

  38. Never lost your dignity

  39. don't give a fuck to most of the things

  40. don’t work in their comfort zone

Every one of us have rules we live by, whether we realise it or not

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