Probability of becoming the billionaire by learning hedge funds

Probability of becoming the billionaire by learning hedge funds or with AI by being a serial entrepreneur.

Being Billionaire in neither tough nor easy otherwise everyone of us would be.

But there are numerous of billionaires so why can't be you!

It’s as simple as eating. While eating you don’t care how much time you had spent in childhood to learn eating same is to being Billionaire.

Rather focusing on one of the above options mentioned in question try to understand where do you fit and in which work you are good at others.

Hedge fund

Hedge fund been a good methods for the investors. For any kind of investments, you must have to be good in statistics and analysis.


The better version of AI can be boon for the humanity. We are still using AI in common scale than real life application. We can't imagine what if machine become intelligent and effort to visualize the life.

We all have our own ways and we must try that otherwise you will end up in doing nothing.

Source: Quora- Ankit Kumar & team

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