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Ankit, is 20 years old, born in India, investor, entrepreneurs and business tycoon. He is  Co- founder, CEO, Experience Designer, Product Architect and overseeing all the development at Samrat Investments. He is also the founder and CEO of Mama Casa. And also the lead investor and media experience developer of LoveONNSam Inspyr Campaign,  initiative by him, which funds and support the ideas and bring ideas in real and practical life.

Young dynamic personality, innovating and bringing great experience through his service and product.

Samrat Investments, providing financial service, funding and investment to individual and business.

Focusing on financial freedom, financial awareness and getting higher profit return on saving, while banking sector is been challenging mostly for working class in terms of economic growth.

Ankit, is working with purpose to serve, creating better experience and bring innovative product to inspire humanity.

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