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Worry about career advice!


Can I study MBBS after completing engineering?

How to move proceed for graduation?

What are career opportunities after 12 th? ...

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Okay, Just make sure that almost everyone of us have to face the moment in life about career.

So, first you need to believe that every great doers, innovators, or some stupid were the outcome of choice they made at this time.

Now, How to made choice?

Well, I would not ask you if I would have answer or able to figure out. Are you thinking previous statement?

I see, then why not find a solution of it.

Let me put an example: When you were hungry, what would you do?

Either cook food or buy some. Then eat it. Now, hunger stopped.

What the above story tells is whatever problem you have or how may questions?

You gonna need to find the "How to do it". The more you explore to get solutions, more smart you feel.

You need to find that only by eating you can reduce hunger.

Then where to get the eating material. Again, more you seek for eating material more food items you discover.

Think, hunger occurs only if you have stomach or need energy.

Same "the question" occurs only if you have mind or thought.

There is food, there must will be answer.

You eat because your belly has ability to digest, So the mind have ability to think and get solutions.

Hence, it say only you have hunger or question when you have ability to digest. Mean you are able, just use your ability.

For career:

You can do whatever you wanted to do, whenever you wake and wish to pursue it. The whole universe is great place for opportunity either choose one which is better for you or create one if you have ability to reach there.

Now, the new is always unknown- just an outcome of few experiments.

If you think you are pursuing it for passion no matter the situation you will find you suitable way.

Its your ability to use your skill to meet the life’s situation.

If you are dedicated and don’t getting the way then one day you will create one for others too.

Source: Ankit kumar (Q&A)


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