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Working hard to become billionaire

Does working hard make someone billionaire?

be the billionaire-LoveONN

Is there a formula or path to make billions?

Or any hard work and dedication only?

Actually, I don’t have proper answer otherwise I will spread it to everyone for a wealthy life of us.

There is path we move can give you few idea.

Being billionaire is really not big deal but of course most of us are not then.

Let me put it simply as an opinion:-

Mindset of billionaires

  • Most of us are educated fools, because we don't actually push our self to maximum limit and use potential in proper manner.

  • Those who are the billionaire have clear goal either of making money or solving issues.

  • If I got evil thought then after a period my growth will stop no matter how big empire been built, as we limit our thought we limit the work.

  • Don’t get stuck with rules all the time. Most of us, the dedicated one fears to move ahead sometimes because they think they are breaking rules which is like sin and or kind of wrong thing. In real life we make more mistakes than rules but who cares. If I am hungry from few days and snatches bunch of food, Is that proves me bad human?

Reach the level

Likewise if you have goal to reach 11th level of building then give everything to reach 11th level, do everything to reach 11th level.

As a human keep in mind about humanity. Like we don’t have right to hurt others for our benefit all the time, So you have got good minds use it to win wisely.

Don’t get deviate whatever your vision or ideas may, if you have your own understanding on subject or matter then stick to it and keep learning.

If You are have mind to be billionaire then you must have mind to use that position, badges before then you will somewhat reach there.

Aspect and Focus

Focus on positive aspects rather secondary options like in current world by saving chiller or suffering. Just your your single penny to make assets. Wipe out liability and unnecessary objects.

You can’t be billionaire practically, it’s good to save money but not in sense to drop like ocean. We are living in modern world, use the resource available.

Don’t spend on unnecessary stuff is good but its more important to think of earn.

Create multiple source of income and earn more than your expenditure its very important.

Greed is paid less than those who work for cause we call it "Niswartha Karma."



If you want to achieve anything or like to be anything 'Persistence' is necessary.

If you are educated you mean to act like educated one because having billions of cash in hand is not actually being billionaire.

If you are human then in spite of all your individuality, freedom, enjoy- you mean to be responsible to live the humanity within.

Suppose I am educated with higher degree and I got fake message on social media.

I started spreading rather to know authentication either message is right or wrong, then how could I be educated.

It’s the duty to make things simple rather complex i.e. Mindset to be billionaire.

You don't need to be extraordinary or magical, just be you. You are human, Isn't it beautiful.

One of the smart and wise species in the Universe. Okay, use your smartness and wisdom to become billionaire that's why you were reading till here.


There is way to everything in life, you just need to find that way. Remember, no one can find or give it to you. To accomplish your dream than it the one person - only you.

Source: Ankit Kumar (Q&T)


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