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When I had no hope in life

There is moment in life when we feel the lack of hope in life

Don't lose hope in life- LoveONN

Everything exists in front of you is a part of nature. Nature has immense in it.

We all try to solve our problems according to our field of knowledge.

Try to understand the point of view of situation, I will narrate few story for you.

First thing first; it's only you who can solve your problems if you think someone will give you hope all the life then you better be hopeless, so either it's delay or tough but find hope within you.


> Like a story of movie- M S Dhoni: The Untold Story

Where coach said in a scene that Life is like a cricket.

We hit six on full toss. How we skip out swinger ball as it is, just let them pass. How we defend on in-swinger. How we DUCK when it’s bouncer.

And that’s life your current phase is like bouncer just DUCK without thinking.

Means, don't hit same shot in all problems.

> Like a Pottery makers understands his child;

Life is like a pottery you need to hit thousands of times with hammer to remove pebbles or small particles from pot, Just to make it SHINE,

So that buyers or people could love or buy it.

Otherwise no will care your pot.

>Like an Axman (Those who chop wood) convinces his child;

You need to SHARP your axe every time before cutting woods or trees so that it’s easy to chop in less effort.

You can't chop much wood if your axe will not be sharp.

Give much time of making axe sharper, you will chop in mass in less time.

> Like a actor or director narrates his loved ones;

Life is a stage, Where we all perform to give our best act.

Some act is flop or some is blockbuster, It all depends on how we have prepared or experience the life or knows about art. It's also important how your audience, either they understand your act or not.

Sometimes it takes year to perform our masterpiece. You can't loose hope from one failures.

Neither you can learn the purpose of success without failures.

And So On…

These is different story related to different profession about how to tackle or mange our life to make it better.

There is a quality which is similar in every field i.e Hard Work and Never Give Up.

You must make a graph about you life like Time vs Work- You. If you know how to make graph then its good otherwise Google it.

There you will see the changes in you with time, your performance when you work or when you don’t work.

You will be able analyze the gap through that graph. Which you are facing currently.

This is the gap you need to fill and construct properly.

There is always a way in life, you need to find it only.

Try to find motivation within your work ,within You. You must have a goal in your life, it could be anything.

Your goal will let you give energy to wake every morning, It will tell you how and why to live.

Source: AK (Q&T)

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