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The best investment ever

Invest the time in self- LoveONN

When it comes to best investment then our ears got straight, What's it- Maybe I could buy few shares for better return.


Okay, I would not desperate you but you will have to open your mind for that like straight ears.

The best stock ever is life, as product (Human)

So, to invest in yourself.

Most of you think it’s funny but it’s true that if you want to get billions in less time then only you can help yourself to get that.

Not any stock is ever made to make you rich, and if it's somewhere then there is only you who could reach you there.

You can't do it until you are fine mentally, healthy and thoughts.

There are many companies which could get you profit for investment, you will have to find that by paying or exploring yourself not by some suggestions.

If you still don't realize human as assets, fortune then you must think of some specific perspective about life.

Not in terms of investment but some temporary.

"Trick can get you to few bucks but not to happiness or fortune"

Source: Ankit Kumar (Q)


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