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Real state or Mutual fund ?

real state business- LoveONN

Should I invest in mutual fund or real estate? Do you think of it.

Which is more profitable in term of return?

It depends on your knowledge and experience.

Both has it’s profit and loss as you know well depending on external factors.

  • Your requirements is also a factor like what is your return expectations,

  • Most trending search goes like "How to earn easy and quickly" they need to invest in real state but again it’s not that easy.

  • Most people expect good profit without loss and having patience, they can choose mutual funds but again it’s profit is not that much as stock, shares or real states.

  • Better mid-term mutual funds having highest return needs analysis.

  • For both you must have better choice to get expected profit.

  • Investment done wisely is great assets but it needs basic knowledge of market.

There is period when real state business boost but there will be lots of competitors and risk factor in it.

Both investments can be profitable once you find your purpose of investing.

So, don't compare in terms of return, period & risk only.

Source: Ankit Kumar (Q&T)

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