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Innovation in financial banking and business

Innovation in financial banking and business. Self respect and reality is tough rival when it comes to balance it honestly. Ankit, 20 years old, Indian,LoveONN, Ankit decoded about his journey of being a financial innovator, creating business from scratch and insight on his ventures. Adding his thoughts, about the importance of economics and persistence in our life; the way they are transforming the value of Personal saving, Startups and Investment.

ankit kumar samrat investments- loveONN cover shoot. Ankit kumar interview on startups, finance, engineering, space science, technology, and his story for youth.

Hi, It's an honor to have your presence.

Thanks for having me here. (smile)

You were eluding the dates for the interview for a few months? Is this because of being an investor of LoveONN?

Not exactly, actually my view for the current media industry is rough. LoveONN's initiative is considerable but still it's not that cool yet or kind of a big shot. Anyway I am glad to be here and part of this initiative.

In your opinion, what skills does a person need to have to be a successful entrepreneur?

Successful entrepreneur, I rather not mention. See, to achieve your goal, an important skill is to find a solution, don't matter how. If you are thinking about doing something different, then it's only you who can invent the difference by making things better.

Hard work, never give up mindset that's compulsory I think.

Rest you learn within the journey. You need to focus on solving issues and bringing innovation into your work.

Hard work, never give up mindset that's compulsory I think.

Any specific education did you accomplish for your business?

No, I don't have one. I keep learning on every possible topic which comes in my way during exploration, subjects I am working on and few learning for the future projects.

Not any education is designed which explains the new innovation, if you are doing something new then it must be new like never existed before. It can only be achieved through continuous learning.

If you are creating something new, you might not find the right talent or courses at first, because they are not created yet.
"Self respect and reality is a tough rival when it comes to balance it honestly."

After five years, where do you see yourself?

Working on the vision of Samrat Investments and other ventures. Environment is been my concern, so I would drive my product and work to support the environment. Working on some cool ideas. At least, much better than today, I guess. Education context is pity, working on it.

What is a fun factor and leisure for you?

I enjoy my working and everything I am part of. In my free time I love to travel, do some adventure, interact with new people, and spend time with loved ones. It's about refreshing the mind in various ways.

What criteria are required to become an employee of your business?

Apart from formalities, we focus on having better team value. Positive minded people, passionate about work because we learn things while working so you don't need to be a genius every time. If you are exceptional at something, you are doing; honest at work- we always welcome such people.

As being immature, what difficulties did you have when you started business?

The moment you discover you have nothing to lose, at the same time you unlock all the boundaries of opportunities for yourself and it gives you freedom about infinite imagination. Issues are part of life, I strive to be neutral.

I think it's somewhat complicated for those who start at such an initial age by themselves.

Understanding markets, financial issues or bringing clients is a big challenge. You know, except for what I have to do- there is an issue with everything, because there is some image in mind that I have to proceed for particular work but the path is kind of obscure. Samrat Investments also begins with a small idea for me. Every phase of life has its own payback.

ankit kumar quote on strategy, growth and sales from his experience at Samrat Investments, Aantriksh and other ventures. Most influential and youngest CEO and co-founder of India. With million dollar multi business.

The time you realized to start Samrat Investments, how old were you and how did you continue?

I was around 17.

I was good at studying extra topics or say out of syllabus from earlier. Then I was much bent towards the share market, where I gained lots of bucks in very less time (actually it was not that easy). I was not sure about business in the financial sector. I had lots of ideas bombing, but they all seemed impossible.

Last year, I head about few reputed people, who developed same project (which I discussed to my parents earlier but it was all in vain for them, then) and lots of investments is done for that project, so that blew my mind about don't underestimate yourself and believe in self that you can create whatever you imagine.

Much of work seems impossible before it's done so why not give an effort. The idea of Samrat Investments is the result of continuous improvisation and innovation.

So I also started with very basics and it's been tough but I survived. I always focus on human life and nature, to understand it and make it better than the last moment.

“It all begins with a coin, dream and exploration .”

Financial investment business, what made you start and work on the idea of Samrat Investments?

As I mentioned I got lots of ideas and always try to think how I can make anything even better.

I had a worse experience with the banking approach but Samrat Investments' vision, sense of hope or say innovation to humanity was worth a project; where we could give something positive to society. And, economic is something which we can't ignore, also the individual financial growth or profit.

Lots of things as you already have faced during banking. Our current startup environment is more focused on eCommerce or sort of online business. Ratio of funded companies is more in eCommerce and online than rest. So I thought I should work on economy and finance, which is a less traveled path, so that we could grow profit return by higher interest without loss and risk for everyone which is worth to work.

Loss and risk factor for people, I figured during share market experience and I wanted it to reduce it and make it better for everyone. So I dropped the share market; as I had to go with one choice, so I left the thought of money and the share market and jumped into Samrat Investments.

There is so much miracle, beauty and extraordinary people in the world that feel like how tiny and stupid I am, but there is Hope of accomplishment and purpose bigger than you, that makes you realize about your existence.

Now I am here at least with purpose, sense of innovation and also the imagination.

Banking industry is huge and risky too, how Samrat Investments is going to compete with the current financial or banking system? What is your thought about the current economic impact on common people?

Yeah, as we know economics has been a huge part of our life.

Current thought in our business has not been positive, due to moral issues but still the thing is you can't give up on your dream or purpose for such a reason. If you believe that your work is going to make lives better and can impact, then you must face whatever the challenges may.

Neither I thought to compete with anyone, we all have few responsibilities. So we are working to make investments, economy and financial life innovative, secure and healthy for all of us through Samrat Investments.

Current situation is not good when it comes to financial awareness and neither is literacy, it's a global issue.

We are just trying to make the economy accessible, affordable and profitable no matter the resources of individuals.

Serve the purpose of financial freedom, economic development in all glimpse of life and universally.

Our current project #Samratinvestmentschallenge2023 aims to provide financial identity to 2.5 billion people along with awareness, which I think is challenging.

"You may probably create fortune,If you are not a salesman. I would spend a day or week in figuring out why my service is worth it to people rather than completing the target to visit X clients daily."

Songs that you listen oftenly?

Actually, there are a lot of tracks depending on mood.

I love to hear the depth of Nushrat Fatheh Ali Saheb mostly, and everyone's nice composition. Jagjit Singh, Arijit Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali, classic, and uncountable number of tracks.

But actually, in the current time, I think our music has been limited by most channels because they play the same track rather shuffling billions of compositions.

Because I think music is kind of 'Nirvana' to me, a peace zone and it should be interesting.

You must have expectations from other ventures? What is your branding strategy?

Of course, we build any product with few purposes. It will have its own impact with the right time, we are sure that it will be worth of experience.

Every next venture will be of great experience for people.

For us, prior to branding is service and product. We focus on the experience of people. Rather spending billions on advertising experiments, we will focus on satisfaction of our employees and product development so that it could justify the purpose. Your product must be worth, surely it will take time to reach mass.

I can't forget, we are in investment business and every best investment is a long term game and we can't compromise in experience, quality, value, and trust.

Advertising is medium to aware about service and innovation not to sell the service. We believe, our products and services to stand in the market by their own value. For me service is ultimate. Beauty takes time, you must have patience for it.

How do you motivate employees with absenteeism/ tardiness?

I don't think to motivate someone.

Motivation is not something you can pass on to someone. It comes within you while you perform such work or figure your progress graph.

I just believe in my work, and effort to give my best in time and resources; if it inspires someone then good otherwise it's even good.

You can boost up for a little period by inspiring lecture to anyone but when it comes to life then you must need to find it within. Action is crucial than anything else.

I focus on purpose to serve humanity and put it in our actions. When you want something higher than self, then surely it will consume enormous energy and you can't find it in video or elsewhere. You need to discover infinite energy within self.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Do what you love, love what you do. Life is beautiful, don't waste it.

Work for your dream, Nothing in life is worth worrying about than life itself, Make better of yourself, I think it's more than one advice (laughter).).

For the LoveONN, what is your advice to us?

You guys are doing well. Started good initiative. Just maintain quality and worthy content.

Knowledge and information is something uncompromising. And the media should be pure.

"Ankit, 20 years old, Indian, investor, entrepreneurs and business tycoon. He is Co- founder, CEO, Experience Designer, Product Architect and oversees all the development at Samrat Investments. He is also the founder and CEO of Mama Casa. And also the lead investor and media experience developer of LoveONN.

Sam Inspyr Campaign, initiative by him, which funds and supports the ideas and brings ideas into practical life.

Young dynamic personality, innovating and bringing great experience through his service and product.

Samrat Investments, providing financial service, funding and investment to individual and business.

Focusing on financial freedom, financial awareness and getting higher profit return on saving, while the banking sector is being challenged mostly for the working class in terms of economic growth.

Ankit, is working with the purpose to serve, create better experience and bring innovative products to inspire humanity."


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