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Happiness and enjoyment in life

Can I be happy and enjoy the life after so much stress, lack, or factors?

Happiness within life-LOveONN

So, what is happiness?

Well, one thing is clear that we can't buy happiness from store.

So, Happiness is a journey of may be moments, sharing, learning, capturing, loving, exploring, discovering, winning or hating, teasing also.

Happiness is sort of feeling of better satisfaction with time.

How to enjoy or feel same happiness?

So, if we can't afford to buy happiness then how you can achieve happiness.

Let's see it in another frame ie. getting something or having, that mean you can pursue happiness as being doers;

  • Have satisfaction in your work,

  • Work for cause not for applause,

  • Feel the joy of giving without expectations,

  • Love what you do, do what you love,

  • Life is unpredictable so learn to adapt,

  • Have courage to face the life because external factors don’t knock doors or send invitation card before they arrive.

  • Know yourself, see yourself;

  • Learn from each other;

  • Focus on something which you can't buy rather giving priority to some object or unnecessary things in life,

  • Life is ultimate journey and purpose in itself, fulfill and understand it.

  • Create positive vibe around you,

  • knowledge open sdiversity in you,

  • Find your self, give time to know about you really;

  • Don't ignore one who love you, respect human and humanity;

  • Share few moments and life with parents, I think they are worth.

There are numbers of ways to live happy but the important thing is how you react in different situations, time or condition.

"Philosophy is sometimes irritating because either we don’t intend to understand or the level of philosophy is higher than our thought because it's very tough for most of us to change, accept something we are unaware of like that."

Yet we are unable to value the atoms which build the monuments, object, human or everything etc, Because philosophy always build on low to high cause.

We spend our life in understanding that and most important put in action.

Stay Happy, Share happiness!

Sharing happiness-LoveONN

Source: Ankit Kumar (Q&T)


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