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Exclusive for the 'Entrepreneurs'

Something I learned during interviewing multiple entrepreneurs

Their experience, journey and story, hurdles they faced before building their venture successful;

exclusive for entrepreneur-loveONN

Smart people learn from the experience of else rather repeating mistakes but few people comes out with different solution and purpose.

Courage: Have courage to hear your institution and stand with it.

Strength: Make yourself able to walk in all situation and tackle any problem without worrying or loosing patience.

Ability to learn: Learn from all your previous mistakes, colleagues and someone who are wise than you.

Love: Love the people around you. Share happiness with them.

Do what you love to, love what you do.

Otherwise you will end up in doing nothing rather some necessary stuff.

You don’t need to understands- know everything of everything, Just choose one subject and give your life to that. If you accomplish then move ahead otherwise you will learn more and more from the experience to make life better.

Business is all about solving the problems for them, to make world a better place for all the survival and purpose for the NeXt generation.

Life is most to understand that it should be lived rather than suffered by self trap or greed.

There is always a way in your life for every situation you should know that. We all have to use our efficiency and experience to find that solution.

Someone finds within life and some don’t, this is something that makes difference between both entrepreneur and looser.

Solution which few entrepreneurs have made for people to acquire their financial goal along with Happiness,

Feel the experience here

Source: AK (Q&T)


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