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Educational qualifications of stock brokers

Well, You seems interested in pursuing Stock Market !

Let's assume that there is infinite way to reach from point A to B.

But I will focus on two important point for you to male it simple and informative.


Two category:

1. If you work for any agency or company

2. If you work by self:

1. If you work for any agency or company then:

You must have degree of reputed colleges to get better position. Few extra financial certificates will add some positive impression, if you would like to get higher paid. It's also necessary to have previous experience in any prestigious firm for that you can involve in Internship or freelance during college/ study period.

2. If you work by self:

You just need knowledge about how stock market works?

How share price varies?

How external factors effect market?

How the things and graphs work to analyze the in getting shares?

History of respected organisation and also the knowledge of same sector.

What is era of current period and what will be the next?

Better education either Intermediate or higher is good but not necessary.

Rule the Stock Market:

If you are serious about Stock business then;

You must be better in calculation and good with people.


Better calculation is helpful in various way like to analyse the data (It's necessary to be smart analyst), To understand the statistics, (Statistics- it is very necessary, also helps in making better decisions)

To calculate the price of whole things in very less time so that you could estimate the budget or profit or risk.

Just keep in mind that better calculation may be your great tool in spite of various software or else.

Good with People:

No matter what business you perform, you are going to deal with humans (People),

Not only you sale your product but also the self.

You must be care while dealing because there is lots of competitors waiting for your mistake.

Although , keep learning from the mistakes no matter where you are.

Try to find your own procedure or statistics.

Source: Ankit Kumar (Q)


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