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Best age to start investing

Should I invest in stock?

Do you also think about such questions? Okay, we all face some moments where we don't have idea about what to do only because we don't have enough information about it.

I am X, Y, Z years old, when should I start investing?

Best age to start investing

Okay, let me clear you one thing which you know well.

To do anything only one thing is always required- How to do it?

You can start investment whenever you want.

If you have answer of- How to do it ?

For extraordinary profit you can't rely on someone else.

It just depends on your insight and approach.

With age you must have few external effects on profit or term but still it works well.

It always depends on understanding and ability to manage the statistics properly. Invest wisely, Start will small portion and wait until you think, it’s time to move ahead.

Source: Quora (Ankit Kumar)


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