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Understanding Financial Freedom

What is Financial Freedom? Decoding the complexity of money.

Stepping in to a life where you don't have to worry about financial complexity, you don't have to suffer because of financial issues.

In short, money shouldn't be a reason of unhappiness in your life.

Financial complexity includes debt, loans, EMIs, & fund management etc; Freedom in finance means restarting your career, managing unexpected expense, spending on happiness, having emergency fund, spend on unexpected expense without worrying & more.

Experiencing financial happiness within life, Amit Prakash loveonn

.The stage of managing all money related issues and balancing money is Financial Freedom

Impact of education and discipline

Achieving financial freedom, however is not easy but it can be shorted with few simple techniques: which includes awareness and discipline.

Financial freedom gives you ability to cope with problems caused by money. There can be multiple strategies to achieve financial freedom based on individuals.

Financial harassment

Compromise with dreams

As we start dreaming about life and career, soon we realize different problems in our way which resist in our dream. Money is one of the common reasons.

All the hard work you do and energy you put seems useless. Our potential to achieve something great becomes low.

At the end we have to sacrifice that dream. Most of us compromise our dreams with good paycheck, salary, or stability in life.

Mostly fighting over basic extra expense

We know our incident in life is uncertain so is expenditure. Great strategy is one which helps you in bad times of life.

Many a time because of random uncertain expenses, individual's financial health starts becoming worse.

Imbalance of money is a big reason of small fight or unhappiness. Happiness is what we all are seeking.

Stuck at a place from a period

You must have heard; I always wished to be a painter or guitarist but couldn't make it. I was very good at it, but I didn't have enough money and time to pursue my dream.

The motive of financial freedom is to see you the gateway of happiness and success.

Stucking at the same point for long period because on inability is unfair to life.

Financial entrepreneur Ankit says "We spend most of our time in worrying about issues rather than finding solutions. With basic discipline in our lifestyle, we can enhance our life. Education and awareness play an important role when it comes to money. The moment you start ignoring the complexity and depend totally on another agency for your happiness, it becomes disaster. You need to take help from experts and be in touch with agencies but better engage yourself too, what I mean to refer is to participate and take a bit interest in understanding your personal economy; after all money is part of life (for most of us) which we can't ignore.

The Question is, whether you want to spend rest of your life in misery or spend few years on deleting out misery.

Which we know can be improved with basic practice and a bit of patience, under proper guidance.

Loveonn financial dreams

Secret of being Financially Free

  • Savings on daily or weekly basis: You can start with basic investment with low risk,

  • Reducing the dose of smoking on daily basis to save extra,

  • Spend less on materials or stuff which are comparatively less important,

  • To realize that you are in continuous touch about your personal finance. You must spare at least hour or 2 in a month,

  • Don't buy things from a credit card until it's emergency like medical or else.

So do you want to die poor and witnessing your loved ones and family living in misery throughout life, by knowing the fact that you can make it better NOW. Or repenting you had a chance to improvise your situation.

Purpose of Money in life

To make your life economically feasible and connected to the world. The moment it grasps your weakest nerve, your whole life turns into a disaster.

That' the moment for you to realize the drawbacks of money. Money is only supposed to be medium of exchange globally, it never meant to destroy your happiness and peace.

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