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Exploring the unique lands of universe; India

Exploring the diversity of India

Indian culture and literature, loveonn magazine

India is one the ancient civilisation with having advanced living system (The great bath), way to live life, & cultured human which reflects the way of humanity.

Resource utilisation; India is best known for making best out of limited resources (ISRO Mars mission). Majority of professionals, scientist have shown their talent to world. Large part of India especially from village still lives in poverty but the way we manage to live life at fullest through Juggad is another story.

Diversity; Place where numerous of language, caste, ethnics, region & festivals breathes and share same happiness & joy can be much more than a region of earth.

Time to time we faces lots of issues with religion riots, practices like eating or banning beef or cow. It can be countless, but the way we take part in community or one another life resembles the same humanity which used to be era before religion exists.


Spirituality; Apart from technology and modernisation, we believe in happiness of life. It shows no matter how much you earns, achieve in life or evolve but at the end of moment inner peace is only that matters.

Yoga & AyurVeda; There is no such alternative in the inverse which can replace yoga for the treatment, fitness & connecting with nature. Yoga with simple practice can heal any kind of disease, if it can be accessible to Maas with correct methods.

Ayurveda is single medicine which meets human physical nature without any side effect if practiced properly.

Food; Something which fulfil the part of life experience. Vast variety of spices, experiment with natural plants brings a great experience to life.

Respect; Our respect to nature and living matter. Air, water, Fire, Earth, Sky, Sunetc.. They all are worshiped because they completes the life, it’s not just culture or religion but natural science.

Our culture reflects how to respect something for which whole universe all about.

Democracy; The way to people are governed by the states. The right given to common people.

Enthusiasm; The way people participate to help, support any needful community or individuals. The way we meet and greet to share the festivals of multiple religion.

Indian beauty; loveonn

Beauty & Cleanliness; Something you can only experience in India as exploring the part of diverse land. It can’t be described.

There are lots of flaws in it, but it’s still beautiful. We say it “Incredible India”.

Just explorethat part of land which still contains the same enthusiasm & India in them apart from the people who are rapidly copying them to western world not to learn or evolve but to see the crowd.

Source; Ankit Kumar & team

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