Humanity shames in the temple of education: KIIT Varsity Campus

November 24, 2018


Serious clash between law students and engineering students in KIIT, Bhubaneswar for passing comments on girl by student of engineering.

According to the source, some of the wrong comments on the law students (girl) by engineering students.

Students of the law then demanded immediate action (apology) for such inhuman behavior.

In response, a mass of engineering students gathered at the gate of law college, started throwing stones, harmful stuff including knives.
Later, they entered inside one of the hostel, hit them with bat, pelts in dangerous way.

Not any strict action from college authority for the students welfare. Concealing the voice of students.
Least 22 students are currently in hospital.
Fear of death

Clip better reflects the inhumanity.



Your opinion matters. Share updates in the comment box.

More footage will be updated including clash between students.



Student (Saptrishi) from KIIT engineering lynched by mob of KIIT law students.

According to sources: student was smashed unconsciously by beer bottles, flower pot until death.



Incident happened in revenge, for the molestation of law student (girl).

There is serious involvement of political power in riots as updated on social media by KIIT students.


As of social media, students were asked to evacuate the hostel immediately by 01:00 AM by simply reaching them to nearest bus, railway stations.

Such behaviour by colleges after heavy charging upto 16 lacks fees including security, is irresponsible by institutions.


Founder of KIIT @achyuta_samanta (MP, Rajya Sabha)
himself connected to political influence. 


CRPF is deployed inside the campus, under 144 act.



An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Note: Article is not meant to create caos within students rather to serve justice. 


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