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Why I should hire you?

Mind blowing answer for "why I should hire you"?

During our survey with hundreds of candidates who own better position currently,

Interview survey-LoveONN

Depending on our preparation lots of answer comes to our mind which is-

  • You need to hire me because I am a costumer/ clients outside & I what it's like to be customer and how they should be served which will help me in creating better products, strategy etc. ,

  • You need to hire me because I am the quality observer who want a chance to improvise the traditional methods over innovation and design,

  • You need to hire me because you have no option than having deserved candidate,

  • You need to hire me because I am going to give you what you want as requirement,

  • You need to hire me because if I was not able I was not here,

  • You need to hire me because I have ability to visualize and analyse the situation in all condition,

  • You need to hire me because I can understand and listen,

  • You need to hire me because I do mistakes,

There is lots of such answers which impacts but the thought is- why we are asked such question?

What is motto behind asking such question?

What is something interviewer want to know from me?

For that the better solution is to think of 'WHY',

Think of prospective below:

why I should hire you?-LoveONN

  • Do you actually answer the questions I ask?

  • What’s your body language telling me?

  • What kind of eye contact are you making with me?

  • Are you showing me your real self?

  • Do you understand the job you’re interviewing for?

  • Did you take time to learn about us?

  • Do you have the skills to do the job?

  • Do you have the personality to do the job?

  • Would you fit in with our company and culture?

  • Are you adaptable / flexible?

  • Are you resourceful?

  • Are you high maintenance?

  • Are you a problem solver?

  • Are you someone who respects management?

  • Are you a self-starter?

  • Do you initiate useful change?

  • Do you know who you are and what you really want?

  • Do you know your own resume?

  • Would I like to work with you on a daily basis?

Think of all the possibility lies with such thoughts.

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