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Such financial mistakes can destroy the life

financial mistakes-loveONN

How simple mistakes from day to day life can ruin you.

Even tiny mistakes is disastrous sometimes which effect negative to our happiness and social life.

  • Habit to buy much policy and insurance to feel secure.

Investments done wisely always add value to your life,

It is great assets in itself, but it's a liability if don't manage it better like buying lots of policy and insurance.

One or two policy depending on requirements is good but policy of every kind is liability because you can't use money for long period, neither they provide that much return of your sum.

  • The fool educated class (Not only financially but they have also destroyed the pillars of society for next generation, it needed to be change), because it's true.

A survey consist of few thousands degree holders from different background, researching on them for almost 6 years. It's found that 65% of higher degree holders act as resistance in development because of they got stuck in theory or something irrelevant rather tackling with situation.

Morale: Use you knowledge with situation and time. "Education is ability to meets life's situation."

  • Lack of basic financial education and awareness in itself,

One must have basic knowledge about his personal finance. It includes savings, tax saving, expenditure, excessive payout, investing and more.

Awareness is very crucial to be updated and walk with the pace of economy and development.

  • Spending time or give importance on False Castle (Dikhawa) than reality means give importance to someone who is working and making change honestly either on small scale or large one.

Don't be judge every time. Give few minute in understanding and analyzing the moment.

  • Putting all money is saving accounts,

Banking system currently is a liability. We just use it to save and transaction purpose, when it comes to profit return then it's nil.

Now-a-days we have to pay excessive charges. So, it's better to invest for the better return that putting all money in bank, just for the sense of security and live in comfort zone.

  • Spending money on school rather study because all boarding school don’t learns you culture and subject.

Give time to your children in understanding literature, story and history.

Ultimately, life is not only about schooling. The purpose of education is knowledge, which can't be fulfilled by school degree.

Make your child a good human, who would be responsible and imaginative to his life. Make his worth of living one life.

  • Greed to earn or make money quickly or easily.

Trust me beauty and achievement can’t be created overnight. So ho can you be sure about fortune. We earn fortune for the happiness but what if your fortune gives you the pain.

  • Expect good from others and don’t deliver the same quality to others in conversation, products , daily life etc. Such habit ruins your personal life many times.

  • Understanding the difference between Wants (Luxury cars, Excess gold etc) and Needs (Food, clothes,quality education) for working class, Because it’s the working class who suffers in GST, Politics, Finance, daily life etc. not the riches.

Invest you time and wealth wisely for the purposeful and happy life.

Source: AK (Q&T)

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